How to create a simple contact form

One of the most common sections you'll find in a website is a Contact Form, and it was unavoidable that I had to tackle this in my current project. In this post I'd like to share with you an easy way to build a contact form from scratch.

Make beautiful websites using Google Fonts

It's time to leave behind the most common typefaces, and start using those that really make your web pages more attractive! You’ll be surprised how a beautiful typeface can change the overall user experience.

The most awesome web resources you will love

After finished my HTML & CSS course by Shay Howe, I felt I had the foundations to start building my first web project. When tackling a project like this, it’s not strange that new questions come up, and I needed to start somewhere. I realized that I needed to find free, inspirational resources for my project needs, but that’s not so easy as you can imagine.

Specificity weight of selectors

With the new year the people usually make a list of resolutions, in my case an important one will be to dive deeper into coding. It sounds easy to just change my career into programming, but I soon ran into questions like which language should I choose for a start. Since I'd like to build web and mobile applications, I decided to start with CSS and HTML.