Getting started with Sass - Mac lovers

When you decide to use Sass in your project, it's important to take into account that you can choose between installing specific applications or using the command line. This post explains how to set up Sass with the latter option on Mac.

Create responsive images easily

In terms of images, sometimes building a web application may turn out to be a difficult process, since there are a wide rage of methods to do it. After trying diverse techniques, this post explains how to deliver efficiently responsive images by making use of the picture element, source element, media and srcset attributes.

Create a simple progress bar with HTML5

Two weeks ago our small team started to collaborate through our handmade kanban, which works well so far, and it has helped us to have a clear focus, efficient output and great cycle time. One of the most complex cards for this week included creating some nice progress bars, so I decided to share how I built them with HTML5.

Manage software projects on Bitbucket

Software teams usually need a hosted distributed revision control system to collaborate remotely. If your project has less than 5 users and you need to work with private repositories, have a look at Bitbucket. Bitbucket is an attractive option for managing your code in unlimited private repositories for free.